Monday, February 9, 2009


I went to a sports bar with my friends from work, the bar is near the hospital I work for and lots of people that I work with go there to hang out after work. So we get there and on the other side of the bar is a guy that I have seen before but could not remember form where. I started to think and wonder where I have I seen him before and what dose he do for a living. He was wearing scrubs so he may work at the hospital or at the vet clinic that is near there. He had a wedding ring on so I guess he is married but he was also with a female that could be his wife or a friend. He looked like he was in his late 20 early 30. Clean cut and shaved so well kept maybe not a big drinker because he only had two bud lights. So I was interested in knowing where did I know him from so, my friend and went and sat next to them and this was my chance to ask him all I needed to know. His name is Eric and works at the hospital but he works for the other Intensive care unit, he is married but his wife was out of town so that was the reason why he was there because other wise she would not of let them be there. He is 29 and is a nurse and I was right he is a light drinker but the reason for that is he has a wired condition that is common among Asians that they get red and really hot when they drink so he try’s not to drink too much. It was fun and interesting to actually get the chance to talk to him and to get to know him and it’s also funny how we always assume so many things the girl that was there was his sister.