Tuesday, March 31, 2009

South Florida's crime

Does the crime in south Florida affect us all?
I agree that the crime in south Florida does affect all of us. Some people may react to the crime differently. Some people want to go out and buy guns or other weapons for protection. I think that sometimes that adds to the crime, but others don’t think so. It affects how people think and feel toward others. The crime here has gotten so bad that not even that police trust anyone, and to be honest I wouldn’t either. Just look and see how many police officers have been shot and killed just in Broward and Miami-Dade. Sometimes we have to do thing to avoid getting robbed, that yes it is going out of our way but it is the best thing for us to do. For example all of expensive jewelry and important papers are all in the bank security box. Upgraded the alarm system at home and all of our cars have alarms, make sure that all the windows are closed and the front door is always locked. I never leaving anything in my car unless it’s in the trunk of my car, I also never leave my car unlocked even when I’m at the gas station. The crime in south Florida does affect all of us maybe in different ways but it does.

My window by Daniel Moriano

I went to the museum at BCC and saw a painting that was named "My Window" By Daniel Mariano. It was very relaxing, colorful and peaceful painting. I feel that if I was at this place I would feel relaxed and in a good state of mind. It would probably quite and all you would be able to hear would the wind blowing, the animals eating the green grass. Even hear the birds sing, the bees buzzing and the crickets. It looks like a place to go and just get away from the typical noise from the city the cars honking and people yelling and the smoke from the factories. The colors were amazing. It had the greenness grass, red apples on the table, a nice blue sky with clouds it looked like a picture taken on a hot summer day. I can almost smell the farm scent in the morning. The red apples look so tempting, I felt like grabbing one and eat it. Moriano made me feel like I was back at home on my family’s farm where I use to spend lots of summer breaks, a very nice memory.