Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My new and little home…..

I used to be married….now I’m happy…lol…and single, that’s the reason that I decided to rent a little house near the beach, is so beautiful and homely, the neighborhood is quiet and nice. When I saw the place I though it would be a good place to start over but I don’t like to be alone, for me the loneliness isn’t a good company. Then I remembered that my friend Angie used to have a boyfriend….now she is very happy and she is living alone. I’m going to start a new life and she also wants to start over, in our new home. She is a little crazy and very funny; she’s from Colombia like me. We have a lot of things to do, you know moving in a new home is not easy. When the house is ready we want to get a pet, we want to adopt a chocolate Labrador for two reasons the first one is because I can’t take my dogs from my parent’s house (Luna and Mateo) there are inseparable, and a company for them. And the second one is because Angie had a pet in Colombia a golden Labrador and she miss him a lot . The name of our chocolate Labrador is going to be Hershey. Well the next week we are going to start the moving….. yaaaa!!!

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