Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Never realized

I had you in front of me for so long, and never did I think anything of it, after six years we meet again; we meet in the moment where I needed you the most. You made me laugh and enjoy life again, with your smile and nice comments you began to be part of my life, slowly you got into my mind and heart. I had you, you were all mines and enjoy you for almost three months and when we were finally ready to tell the world that we were together it all came falling down. I didn’t know that he didn’t have an immigration status and on Thursday April 23 I found out the hardest way, he was on his way to work, minding his own business and the guy that was taking him to work got pull over for speeding and police ICE was called. Which is the immigration police and that was the end of our love story. Even though I can go see him in Colombia it won’t ever be the same. Now I realized that I had begun to fall in love again and it’s over once more. I never realized how much I would miss him until now that I lost him.

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